Denny & Spenny's Burger Search

Season 3 Finale Best Brewery Burger Combo

We've evaluated all the options (at the time) and we hand out awards!

Burger Week 2019: House of Orange

a $5 Soccer burger is great!

Burger Week 2019: Prime Cincinnati

We get a jack burger at Prime cincinnati, a burger that is a fantastic deal at $5

Burger Week 2019: Ramsey's Trailside

we get a $5 burger at Ramsey's!

Burger Week 2019: Local Post

A 1/4lb burger with garlic aioli, bacon, red onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a challah bun. TOPPED WITH A DEEP FRIED PICKLE.


Truks n brgrs

Sonder Brewing

The realization that each random passerby probably had a burger

Moerlein Lager House

We check out the views of the river over some juicy burgers n' beers

Mt Carmel

So many, so good, so burger. Our longest episode yet.


We go to Rhinegeist and get a burger launched into our faces via pneumatic tube from Sartre

Listermann & Renegade

You've heard of Beer trades, yes, but have you heard of burger trades?

Ep 034: Rock Bottom

Fat Burger Girls you make the rockin' world go rouuuuuuund. We Eat Rock Bottom Burger Sandwich. It Fill Us Up.

Ep 033: Taft's Alehouse

27 wet burger dresses per day, do we get one? let's find out.

Ep 032: Rivertown

The rivertown burger wipes the floor with us with its massive presence.

Ep 031: Nine Giant

Eat more burgers, get fewer root canals

Ep 030 : BJ's Brewhouse

We stuff a Big Jaundice burger in our faces (does BJ stand for Burpless Jumpers?)

Ep 029 : Hofbrauhaus

What else are you supposed to do with a hamburger but dip it in your dunkel?

2018 Burger Week Special 2 Slatt's

Nacho Cheeseburger 4 ur face.

Ep 028 : 50 West

50 west serves up some mean bacon w/ a side of tartar sauce burger

Burger Week 2018 Menu

Listen to this episode to get a completely unbiased and unabridged read through of cincinnati burger week 2018 restaurants and burgers.

Special Burger Week 2018 Kickoff

We talk to City Beat, Childhood Food Solutions, and Braxton about burger week 2018.

Ep 027 : Season 2 Finale

Was it White Castle?

Ep 026 : Benson's Tavern

Do brides know burgers? Do they eat them? Benson's wants to know. Featuring Skinman

Ep 025 : Nation Kitchen and Bar

We have special guest Sean Davis of Squirrel Stories take us to Nation to eat some meat.

Ep 024 : Frenchie Fresh

THIS is a burger, or is it?

Ep 023 : Brew River Gastropub

We're Foodicermen (foodies but better) tonight

Ep 022 : Taste of Belgium

Does a burger served on waffles have what it takes to be the best burger?

Ep 021 : Metropole New Year's Special

Over 1 Million Seconds Consumed

Ep 020 : Jeff Ruby's Christmas Special

We avoid being murdered by full size ketchup bottles and go broke at Jeff Ruby's

Ep 019 : Chandler's Burger Bistro

Let's get ham with some massive burgers

Ep 018 : Bru Burger Bar

We eat a burger. IS IT THE BEST?

Ep 017 : Gaslight Cafe

We head to snipe the hype at Pleasant Ridge's renowned dive bar Gaslight Cafe.

Ep 016 : Bobby's Burger Palace

We take a gamble to find the best burger at Bobby's inside of Jack Casino. *Myoglobin not hemoglobin

Ep 015 : White Castle

In Season 2, Episode 2 : National Fast Food Day brings us to White Castle

Ep 014 : Terry's Turf Club

We review the hype of Terry's Turf Club, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This episode is extra long, hold on to your butts.

Ep 013: Season 1 Awards & Wrap-up

In our season finale, we crown the winner of this season's best burger and reflect upon all the awesome meats we ate this season.

Ep 012 : Bard's Burgers and Chili

Bard's was one of our listener recommended burgers. We needed to check it out and uncover the hype in Latonia, KY.

Ep 011 : Tickle Pickle Northside

We wade through mixed reviews to discover whether or not Tickle Pickle is the hidden gem we want it to be.

Ep 010 : Bones Burgers

Aloha from the Farm, we get told to put our phones away and have some phenomenal burgers

Ep 009 : Dutch's

Dutch's in Hyde Park delivers a delicious, and special burger.

Ep 008 : Gabby's Cafe

We head to Gabby's Cafe to do our normal business of seeking out the best burger in town!

Ep 007 : Queen City Radio Whip

We head to the most confusingly titled place yet, to try the highly revered food truck burger.

Ep 006 : Flipdaddy's

Flipdaddy's in Symmes Township brings the burgers.

Burger Week Special - Flipside & Overview

We open discussing our week's conquest and then get to the conclusion : The Flipside Burger.

National Drive-Thru Day Special : Frisch's Norwood

We head to Frisch's in Norwood for national Drive-thru Day. This episode is raw, uncut, including eating sounds and ordering.

Burger Week Special - Macaron Bar

We go get the meatiest burger yet at the Macaron bar.

Burger Week Special - Burgers & Crafts

The Craft Burger : Special patty blend of angus beef brisket, short rib, & chuck. Topped with aged cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Frog Ranch pickle slaw, a fried egg, and a chipotle honey drizzle.

Burger Week Special - The National Exemplar

We head to The National Exemplar to try the Southern Barbecue Burger

Episode 5 : Gordo's Pub - Special Guests Aly, Chrissy, & Larry

We go to Gordo's pub to engorge our gaping gullets with the potentially best burger in town. Special guests from Baltimore : Chrissy & Larry. Also featuring Denny's wife Aly.

Burger Week Special - Nicholson's Tavern & Pub

We stop in for lunch at Nicholson's to get their Bacon Bourbon Burger.

Burger Week Special - Mac's Pizza Pub

We attempted to go to Hangover easy and found out they were closed for dinner, so we headed to Mac's

Burger Week Special - Tela Bar & Kitchen

Special short episode highlighting Tela Bar and Kitchen's $5 burger for Cincinnati Burger Week

Episode 4 : Oakley Pub & Grill

Denny & Spenny head to Oakley Pub & Grill to entreat the burger overlords once again to see if they've found the best burger.

Episode 3 : Sammy's Craft Burgers & Beers

We visited Sammy's Craft Burgers & Beers in Blue Ash to uncover the ultimate truth of whether or not Sammy's has the best burger in Cincy.

Episode 2 : Quatman Cafe

We visit Quatman Cafe to put to the test their "best burger in Cincy" claim.

Episode 1 : Zip's Cafe

We head to Zip's Cafe for the first ever Denny and Spenny BS Episode!