Denny & Spenny's Burger Search

Ep 027 : Season 2 Finale

Was it White Castle?

Ep 026 : Benson's Tavern

Do brides know burgers? Do they eat them? Benson's wants to know. Featuring Skinman

Ep 025 : Nation Kitchen and Bar

We have special guest Sean Davis of Squirrel Stories take us to Nation to eat some meat.

Ep 024 : Frenchie Fresh

THIS is a burger, or is it?

Ep 023 : Brew River Gastropub

We're Foodicermen (foodies but better) tonight

Ep 022 : Taste of Belgium

Does a burger served on waffles have what it takes to be the best burger?

Ep 021 : Metropole New Year's Special

Over 1 Million Seconds Consumed

Ep 020 : Jeff Ruby's Christmas Special

We avoid being murdered by full size ketchup bottles and go broke at Jeff Ruby's

Ep 019 : Chandler's Burger Bistro

Let's get ham with some massive burgers

Ep 018 : Bru Burger Bar

We eat a burger. IS IT THE BEST?

Ep 017 : Gaslight Cafe

We head to snipe the hype at Pleasant Ridge's renowned dive bar Gaslight Cafe.

Ep 016 : Bobby's Burger Palace

We take a gamble to find the best burger at Bobby's inside of Jack Casino. *Myoglobin not hemoglobin

Ep 015 : White Castle

In Season 2, Episode 2 : National Fast Food Day brings us to White Castle

Ep 014 : Terry's Turf Club

We review the hype of Terry's Turf Club, which was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This episode is extra long, hold on to your butts.

Ep 013: Season 1 Awards & Wrap-up

In our season finale, we crown the winner of this season's best burger and reflect upon all the awesome meats we ate this season.

Ep 012 : Bard's Burgers and Chili

Bard's was one of our listener recommended burgers. We needed to check it out and uncover the hype in Latonia, KY.

Ep 011 : Tickle Pickle Northside

We wade through mixed reviews to discover whether or not Tickle Pickle is the hidden gem we want it to be.

Ep 010 : Bones Burgers

Aloha from the Farm, we get told to put our phones away and have some phenomenal burgers

Ep 009 : Dutch's

Dutch's in Hyde Park delivers a delicious, and special burger.

Ep 008 : Gabby's Cafe

We head to Gabby's Cafe to do our normal business of seeking out the best burger in town!

Ep 007 : Queen City Radio Whip

We head to the most confusingly titled place yet, to try the highly revered food truck burger.

Ep 006 : Flipdaddy's

Flipdaddy's in Symmes Township brings the burgers.

Burger Week Special - Flipside & Overview

We open discussing our week's conquest and then get to the conclusion : The Flipside Burger.

National Drive-Thru Day Special : Frisch's Norwood

We head to Frisch's in Norwood for national Drive-thru Day. This episode is raw, uncut, including eating sounds and ordering.

Burger Week Special - Macaron Bar

We go get the meatiest burger yet at the Macaron bar.

Burger Week Special - Burgers & Crafts

The Craft Burger : Special patty blend of angus beef brisket, short rib, & chuck. Topped with aged cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Frog Ranch pickle slaw, a fried egg, and a chipotle honey drizzle.

Burger Week Special - The National Exemplar

We head to The National Exemplar to try the Southern Barbecue Burger

Episode 5 : Gordo's Pub - Special Guests Aly, Chrissy, & Larry

We go to Gordo's pub to engorge our gaping gullets with the potentially best burger in town. Special guests from Baltimore : Chrissy & Larry. Also featuring Denny's wife Aly.

Burger Week Special - Nicholson's Tavern & Pub

We stop in for lunch at Nicholson's to get their Bacon Bourbon Burger.

Burger Week Special - Mac's Pizza Pub

We attempted to go to Hangover easy and found out they were closed for dinner, so we headed to Mac's

Burger Week Special - Tela Bar & Kitchen

Special short episode highlighting Tela Bar and Kitchen's $5 burger for Cincinnati Burger Week

Episode 4 : Oakley Pub & Grill

Denny & Spenny head to Oakley Pub & Grill to entreat the burger overlords once again to see if they've found the best burger.

Episode 3 : Sammy's Craft Burgers & Beers

We visited Sammy's Craft Burgers & Beers in Blue Ash to uncover the ultimate truth of whether or not Sammy's has the best burger in Cincy.

Episode 2 : Quatman Cafe

We visit Quatman Cafe to put to the test their "best burger in Cincy" claim.

Episode 1 : Zip's Cafe

We head to Zip's Cafe for the first ever Denny and Spenny BS Episode!