Cincinnati Burger Week 2017

In reverence of the greatest of yearly holidays, Cincinnati Burger Week, Denny & Spenny will be doing a series of special episodes in commemoration. Episodes will be shorter than normal, as these will be outliers in the grand scheme of things. But we wanted to let you know that this event is happening and it's super cool. Several of the places we've been will be on this list, so if you were on the fence about trying them, now's your chance! You can get more information here :

Why a burger podcast?

One Day, Denny & Spenny had a dream. That dream included burgers...

Denny had just moved to Cincinnati where Spenny had moved a couple years prior. Rekindling their old friendship and love of food, the two set out to find an activity that would sate their palates and provide a new creative outlet (That didn't involve their band Analog Bandits). Over 8 years ago, the dynamic duo hosted a radio show at their university where they discussed heavy music in the wee-hours of the morning. But, having aged and realizing that no one cared to listen to their opinions on music, they decided maybe listeners would care for their opinions on burgers. Thus, the search began in the Spring of 2017.