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Ep 027 : Season 2 Finale

Was it White Castle?

Ep 026 : Benson's Tavern

Do brides know burgers? Do they eat them? Benson's wants to know. Featuring Skinman

Ep 025 : Nation Kitchen and Bar

We have special guest Sean Davis of Squirrel Stories take us to Nation to eat some meat.

Ep 024 : Frenchie Fresh

THIS is a burger, or is it?

Ep 023 : Brew River Gastropub

We're Foodicermen (foodies but better) tonight

Ep 022 : Taste of Belgium

Does a burger served on waffles have what it takes to be the best burger?

Ep 021 : Metropole New Year's Special

Over 1 Million Seconds Consumed

Ep 020 : Jeff Ruby's Christmas Special

We avoid being murdered by full size ketchup bottles and go broke at Jeff Ruby's

Ep 019 : Chandler's Burger Bistro

Let's get ham with some massive burgers

Ep 018 : Bru Burger Bar

We eat a burger. IS IT THE BEST?