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Ep 031: Nine Giant

Eat more burgers, get fewer root canals

Ep 030 : BJ's Brewhouse

We stuff a Big Jaundice burger in our faces (does BJ stand for Burpless Jumpers?)

Ep 029 : Hofbrauhaus

What else are you supposed to do with a hamburger but dip it in your dunkel?

2018 Burger Week Special 2 Slatt's

Nacho Cheeseburger 4 ur face.

Ep 028 : 50 West

50 west serves up some mean bacon w/ a side of tartar sauce burger

Burger Week 2018 Menu

Listen to this episode to get a completely unbiased and unabridged read through of cincinnati burger week 2018 restaurants and burgers.

Special Burger Week 2018 Kickoff

We talk to City Beat, Childhood Food Solutions, and Braxton about burger week 2018.

Ep 027 : Season 2 Finale

Was it White Castle?

Ep 026 : Benson's Tavern

Do brides know burgers? Do they eat them? Benson's wants to know. Featuring Skinman