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Ep 013: Season 1 Awards & Wrap-up

In our season finale, we crown the winner of this season's best burger and reflect upon all the awesome meats we ate this season.

Ep 012 : Bard's Burgers and Chili

Bard's was one of our listener recommended burgers. We needed to check it out and uncover the hype in Latonia, KY.

Ep 011 : Tickle Pickle Northside

We wade through mixed reviews to discover whether or not Tickle Pickle is the hidden gem we want it to be.

Ep 010 : Bones Burgers

Aloha from the Farm, we get told to put our phones away and have some phenomenal burgers

Ep 009 : Dutch's

Dutch's in Hyde Park delivers a delicious, and special burger.

Ep 008 : Gabby's Cafe

We head to Gabby's Cafe to do our normal business of seeking out the best burger in town!

Ep 007 : Queen City Radio Whip

We head to the most confusingly titled place yet, to try the highly revered food truck burger.

Ep 006 : Flipdaddy's

Flipdaddy's in Symmes Township brings the burgers.

Burger Week Special - Flipside & Overview

We open discussing our week's conquest and then get to the conclusion : The Flipside Burger.

National Drive-Thru Day Special : Frisch's Norwood

We head to Frisch's in Norwood for national Drive-thru Day. This episode is raw, uncut, including eating sounds and ordering.